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Specialized Career Search

Positive results require not only the right people — but the right approach

For client companies, we learn everything we can about what a successful candidate should possess in terms of skills, values and accomplishments for a particular position. Then, we apply our experience and judgement to source suitable candidates after a thorough qualifying process.

Candidates presented will have the general, required qualifications such as experience and salary requirements. They are who we consider to be top performers in your industry, are a good fit with your company culture and have expressed an interest in the position. We will continue to work with you to ensure placement of successful candidates.

For candidates, when we are satisfied you meet the necessary criteria, we will arrange an informal chat to get a feel for your personality and interests. We will disclose position details and give you the opportunity to ask questions regarding the role and organization. And, we will mentor you along the way to ensure you are well prepared to ace the job interview!